Adani: ‘Away from Sky for the clash with Allegri? I answer like this…’ | Digireview

The former footballer, now Rai commentator, Daniele Adani, gave an interview to Corriere dello Sport in which he also spoke about his departure from Sky and returned to the clash he had with current Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri: “It farewell to Sky was in an almost incomprehensible way from the point of view of transparency: I was blacked out without understanding the reason and the choice to break up was never explained to me. There was a sneaky and disrespectful behaviour”. Adani, when asked if what happened to Allegri had influenced Sky’s decision not to continue the working relationship, replied: “I can’t believe it. And to Sky itself. Communication to me is this: a confrontation that arouses interest and gives the opportunity to think”.

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