Delhi’s maximum temperature drops to 30.7 degrees Celsius, AQI ‘very bad’ | Digireview

While the maximum temperature in the national capital dropped a notch to reach 30.7 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the minimum temperature was recorded at 14 degrees Celsius – two steps below the seasonal average.

Relative humidity at 8:30 a.m. was measured at 65 percent and at night 49 percent, according to data from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

The weather bureau had forecast clear skies for the day, with an expected maximum temperature of around 31 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the city’s air quality was in the “very poor” category on the morning after Diwali, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) recorded at 326 at 9:15 am, according to data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

At 4:10 p.m. it dropped to 312.

An AQI between zero and 50 is considered ‘good’, 51 and 100 as ‘satisfactory’, 101 and 200 as ‘moderate’, 201 and 300 as ‘poor’, 301 and 400 as ‘very bad’ and 401 and 500 as ‘seriously’.

Delhi’s AQI had itself fallen into the ‘very bad’ category on Monday amid increased stubble burn, fireworks exploding in many areas and moderately adverse meteorological conditions that allowed the build-up of pollutants.

The maximum temperature on Monday was recorded at 31.2 degrees Celsius, a notch lower than the seasonal average, while the minimum was at 14.5 degrees Celsius, two steps lower.

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