Honeywell partners with Microsoft to support mobile workers through software; The Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams for frontline workers is now available on Honeywell mobile computers | Digireview

CHARLOTTE, NC, — Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) today announced a new integration with Microsoft to help highly mobile workers by providing a suite of digital tools that enable enhanced communication and collaboration, all on one platform.

Users of select Honeywell mobile computers in the warehouse, logistics, healthcare and retail sectors can download the popular and optimized Microsoft Teams application for frontline workers. Through Teams, employees can turn Honeywell devices into a walkie-talkie with a dedicated button. This push-to-talk solution enables clear, instant and secure voice communications over the cloud, enabling employees to better serve customers or patients on demand.

“A customer-centric or patient-centric approach can be enhanced through technology-driven productivity and mobility solutions,” said Karen Bomber, senior director of Marketing at Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services. “As mobile workers are challenged to know more in the blink of an eye than ever before, the combination of Honeywell’s rugged, versatile mobile computers with Microsoft Teams gives employees access to the answers they need by connecting to coordinate the right results.’

Despite their vital role in any industry, mobile workers have traditionally not been served by technology. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index1, 46 percent of frontline workers said they consider tech tools more important than mental health and wellness benefits at work to reduce work-related stress, just after better pay and vacation time. Providing them with the right technology makes their work easier and enables efficient collaboration between colleagues.

“We are excited to add Honeywell to our purpose-built devices integrated with Microsoft Teams,” said Kristina Behr, Vice President of Product, Frontline and Workflows at Microsoft. “Frontline workers are the backbone of many organizations, and this solution enables frontline workers to respond flexibly and optimize productivity, all on a single, secure business platform.”

The addition of Microsoft Teams for frontline workers to Honeywell’s software ecosystem enables employees to communicate and collaborate effectively with each other using one powerful mobile computer without carrying separate, bulky radios.

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1Work Trend Index Special Report survey conducted by Edelman Data x Intelligence, pg. 12, 13.

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