Jharkhand Cong MLAs residing in Kolkata by court order attend engagement | Digireview


Ranchi, October 25: Jamtara MLA Dr. Irfan Ansari, accompanied by his two lawmakers in Jharkhand, Rajesh Kacchap and Naman Vixel Kongari, took part in an engagement ceremony in Kolkata today.

The trio have been living in Kolkata for the past three months as the Supreme Court of Kolkata has ordered them to do so after they got into controversy over getting Rs 50 lakh back from their possession and then FIR against them, alleging that they colluded to charge the JMM to overthrow. led the UPA government in Jharkhand.

A press release issued by Ansari inquired about the participation and said it was Anam’s engagement organized by her father and senior congress party leader of Jamtara, Irshad Alam. The release suggested that the program was organized in Kolkata as the senior congress party leader deliberately wanted to ensure Ansari’s participation.

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