Kolkata’s ‘Stranger Things’-themed Kali Pujo pandal wins internet | See picture | Digireview

Kolkata's Stranger Things theme Kali Pujo pandal Image Source: TWITTER/@DEBOTRIG Kolkata’s Stranger Things theme Kali Pujo pandal

Kolkata has always made headlines for its out-of-the-box creativity to make pujo pandals extraordinarily noticeable. This year, a photo of a Kali Puja pandal in Moore Avenue in South Kolkata has now gone viral for its inspired design based on the hit Netflix sci-fi show Stranger Things. The photo of the pandal’s submission featured a “Demogorgon,” a terrifying fictional monster that appears in the show and has amassed and counting 925 likes at the time of writing.

See the message here:

After the photo was uploaded, the people of Kolkata got on with the unique theme and got curious about the pandal’s location. Twitter user Debotri Ghosh saw and captured the snapshot of the well-designed pandal. She captioned the tweet as, “Demogorgons have arrived in a nearby neighborhood as they have a Stranger Things-themed Kalipujo this year.” While others appreciated the commendable design of the same. One user wrote: “Themed pujas, Kolkata does it best!” while another user wrote: “Wow..still on S2…I’m guessing next year will be Vecna!”. A third user wrote: “This is impressive!”

The Stranger Things themed Kali Puja was hosted by Russa Shakti Sevak Sangh in South Kolkata. Jeet Roy, the secretary of the Sangh, told The Times of India that every year they make it a point to come up with something “a little different and unusual” in terms of pandal design. He continued: “Since Kali pujo reminds us of something supernatural, we thought the Stranger Things theme would be the right one to create a ghostly atmosphere. The pandal will stay until October 26 and the laser show will start in the evening around 6:30 pm”.

Diwali celebration is a very big festival all over India as many pay tribute to Goddess Laxmi on this day, and people from West Bengal and parts of Assam celebrate Kali Puja on this day. Also known as ‘Bhoot Chaturdashi’ in West Bengal, the festival is largely celebrated to pay tribute to departed souls and keep negative spirits away.

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