Sunak wants to reinvigorate Indo-British ties in new context, say city entrepreneurs who met him recently | Digireview

Tech Karnataka and the country’s startup ecosystem have high hopes for Rishi Sunak, 42, the Indian investment banker turned politician and British Prime Minister on Tuesday.

Several city entrepreneurs who met Mr Sunak in London at the India Global Forum held earlier this year when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer said he seemed enthusiastic and committed to re-establishing and reinvigorating Indo-British ties at the time. blowing in a new context of digital collaboration and entrepreneurial exchanges.

In a digital world

Prashant Prakash, a serial entrepreneur and also a partner at venture capital firm Accel, said: “His utmost acuity to capitalize on the digital economy and build partnerships with India’s startup ecosystem to explore entrepreneurial benefits was evident from his talks. ” He seemed to have a good understanding of the economic issues, he spoke very impressively, Mr Prakash added.

Anil Shetty, city entrepreneur and politician, recalled the comments Mr. Sunak made about how politics in India involves many personal elements and is therefore challenging. Politicians increasingly need to engage with their voters and deal with a variety of issues, including people’s individual problems here, he had pointed out, while in other countries, including Britain, it is more professionally run and mostly policy-oriented. Mr Shetty had met Mr Sunak at a dinner hosted by Manoj Ladwa, a Londoner.

Humble Beginning

According to Sujeet Kumar, co-founder of, a B2B e-commerce platform, Mr. Sunak about his humble background, humble beginnings and how he helped his family’s medical shop after school, in the India Global Forum. “He seemed very happy to be recognized by British society, but at the same time he was also proud to be part of India,” said Mr Kumar.

Britain is currently facing extraordinary challenges, and its track record and experience, both inside and outside Parliament, would bring much-needed competence, composure and financial grip, argued Richard Pattle, CEO and co-founder of True Beacon, global hedge fund for UHNIs. .

“While domestic priorities will dominate in the coming days, I know that Mr Sunak will also turn his attention to the India-UK trade agreement (to be signed by Deepavali) and Roadmap 2030 to further strengthen our relations,” Mr Prattle expects “As a British citizen living and working in Bengaluru, I am delighted that Mr Sunak has become British Prime Minister.”

Experience in finance

Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of True Beacon and Zerodha, a retail brokerage firm, argued that it is ideal to have someone who was previously the finance minister lead the way in the current context, as the issues facing Great Britain Britain currently faces are predominantly economic in nature.

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