Talks underway to build 10 GW of wind and solar power plants in Morocco | Digireview

Plans are under development to build 10 gigawatts of wind and solar power plants in Morocco. The government of the North African country is in talks with Adani Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate, for the implementation of the project.

It is reported that the 10-gigawatt solar and wind projects in Morocco will be Adani’s largest major energy development outside of India. The company wants to make green hydrogen using locally produced solar and wind energy.

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Construction of the 10GW of wind and solar power plants in Morocco will be completed in two phases. Each phase will have a total of five gigawatts. The electricity produced is expected to meet both local and European demand for electricity and green hydrogen.

Adani works with the OCP Group, a major mining and fertilizer company in the country, and with the Moroccan Agency for Renewable Energy (Masen). Adani Group reportedly wants to supply hydrogen to the state fertilizer company to make green ammonia.

In addition, Adani Group wants to take advantage of the potential of the MENA region for the production of green hydrogen. Adani hopes to surpass all other clean energy producers in the world by the end of the decade. This will be done by developing renewable energy projects through its renewable energy focused operations with a total capacity of 25 gigawatts.

International companies and organizations are looking at Morocco’s capacity to produce green hydrogen

Morocco’s ability to produce the third cheapest green hydrogen in the world continues to spark the interest of international companies and organizations, including Bloomberg Philanthropies, which is committed to driving the country’s energy transition.

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In addition, the Global Clean Energy Transition Program, which aims to support the decarbonization agenda in developing countries with a specific focus on Africa, has chosen Morocco as the beneficiary.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the UN Special Secretary General’s envoy for climate ambition and solutions, made the announcement about the program.

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